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Well I dunno helios, why do you care what happens to people around you? Why do you care what government does, and what laws get passed? Why do you care if you were even born?

Go do yourself a favor. Go out and rent/torrent "Its a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart. Its a Christmas themed movie, but the story is about how much impact one man can have on the lives of those around him.

Why do we care about aborted babies? Because each one is a life that could have touched hundreds of others. When you abort a baby, you deny someone not only the life of the baby, but also someone's friend, husband/wife, mother/father, brother/sister. The lives a person affects ranges much greater than just his own.

Its this same mentality that makes the "well, they're better off dead than in a poor home, or in an orphanage, or foster care" stupid. Nobody can see the future, but no matter what the child's circumstances, he/she will touch hundreds, perhaps thousands of lives. Abortion denies all those people the experience of ever knowing the person.

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