Rpruett said:
It's just an excuse. Sales of all of this media is as high as it has ever been (With increasing costs and a poorer society in general) yet, Piracy is holding them back? Please. It's just an excuse for their shareholders. It's not looking at all of the facts just the selective ones.

Provide intrinsic value to your games and people won't pirate them, I guarantee it. People don't pirate World of Warcraft because there is no point. The value and fun being had on their servers is worth the fee and they don't really nickle and dime you until you get 2 expansions in.

Hell, I own all three Uncharted games. Yet the funniest part about that? I have played the Multiplayer for about an hour tops (On Uncharted 2) and haven't even touched it in the 3rd one yet. My question to Naughty Dog is ... "How many millions have you made off of people like me, who have absolutely no reason to buy their games when I could easily rent it for 5$ and beat it in a week?"

Personally, no game I have ever gone on to play pirated was ever a legitimate consideration of purchase. With the outside possibility of some SNES Rom games that those were pirated more on a sense of never being able to find the game to purchase.

Don't get me started on movies, music. How about they keep their big screen movies, latest albums on lock down so pirated copies don't hit the streets weeks before the public can purchase? That's the biggest crime in all of this, because they can't keep their material on lock down they need to find scape goats.

I would just like to say, that there is absolutely no point at all in bringing Uncharted into this. Both co-founders of Naughty Dog left the company before Uncharted was ever thought up. This is clearly about Crash, which is why it was used as an example in the article.

And about this whole thing, I do believe it could be correct. Literally everyone I knew had a chipped Playstation back in the day, and everyone had all four Crash games pirated. My family, my friends, I believe I was just about the only one who didn't pirate, because it's just not in my morals to do so. And anyone who paid to get a Playstation would of course buy Crash for it... Unless they could get the games for free, of course.

I still know tons of people who pirate, someone in my family hasn't bought a single Wii game, but has about one hundred games downloaded on some sort of piracy channel thingy. It's quite amusing.