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BengaBenga said:
jlauro said:
BengaBenga said:
I understand both opinions, but I have one remark:

If you think it's wrong to have an abortion just don't do it, but give others the choice to perform an abortion if they have a different opinion.

This way everyone's happy right?

Everyone except the 126,000 aborted babies per day, and those that empathise with with those little ones still under development.

So what's better: An aborted baby or a baby that's born in a family that doesn't want it or cannot financially take care of it. I don't know cause I'm not God, that's why I think everyone should decide this for him/herself.


That may be an excuse in some third world contries, but most places have government social programs for such situations, or independant charities to help.  There are also more people willing to pay the expenses so they can adopt a baby that in countries like America that is just a cop-out.