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I have three grips with it:

1 - first and foremost I'm not happy with their T&cs and the fact you can't opt out of them taking stats from you. Now I doubt they will spy on me, etc. etc. but nonetheless this alone has stopped me using Origin. If they offer the same ability as Steam to opt out then I'll probably re-consider

2 - right now the service is fairly limited overall next to Steam (kind of like PSN in the early days vs Live). Origin has some nice features, but these are small next to the much bigger list of stuff it doesn't do as well as Steam

3 - EA's approach is clearly more intrusive than Steam. I can understand from business perspective they want to force a relationship with customers of their game outside of Steam, but I want the option to just buy the game from them and be done with it and they won't offer me that option.

For these reasons I'm only buying EA games on either 360/PS3 at the moment. I won't be touching them on PC until the service improves and becomes less intrusive on my personal preferences for privacy.

Try to be reasonable... its easier than you think...