aken909 said:

Ok, how do you lose money on a Crash game being sold for a dollar in Bangkok?  Like anyone buying games for a dollar in Bangkok has enough money to buy games for 60 USD.  Money isn't lost if the person who pirated couldn't afford the product to begin with.  The way people look at digital crime is rather perverse if you ask me. And I mean clearly  Rubin isn't starving if he's able to jet set around the world to check Crash prices.  Greed is so unbridled and accepted in the west its sickening. 

 I completely agree with this post. Back in PS one era there were a lot of people playing crash games around here, none of them were original copies. When the average salary in your country is about $650 a month, believe me, nobody is going to buy a $60 game no matter the argument. People are willing to pay for consoles they can pirate, not for overpriced games.


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