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killerzX said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
thismeintiel said:
What's even more terrible is the view count. You'd think that something officially from MS would at least garner a few thousand views. Yet, most of their vids have less than 1,000. is a secondary viewing channel. These videos are majorly seen on Xbox Live. This brings me to another point, if Xbox Live videos are visible on Youtube and are official to Microsoft what the hell are gamers paying $60 a year for, outside of paying Activision to play Call of Duty online? 

i think its worth it becuase you get what you pay for, better online, voice chat, xbla, youtube, netflix.

QUE?? better online is debatable, (its better than WiiWare for sure), voice chat; they all have voic chat, you must mean cross game chat, at least I hope you mean that and if you do. got me there.  Youtube and Netfilx are FREE services across the board, please tell me that is not one of the reasons you are paying for LIVE when its free everywhere else