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selnor said:
Its such a shame. Why couldn't capcom have made a new up for this 3rd person action design?
Here's the problem. Rather than create a new up and have the same game mechanics as resi 4 5 and 6, they change the resident evil series forever. So fans of resident evil survival horror are thrown by the wayside. No matter what anyone tries to say resident evil from 4 onwards is not at all a survival horror game. Its a 3rd person action shooter. Capcom could have had 2 franchises. But chose to kill 1 and put a different game under the first ones name.

Its a shame. Because Alan wake was built to be an action thriller. It has much much better controls than resi 4 and 5, much better visuals and hugely better music and storytelling. I actually first played resi 5 after Alan wake, and boy is the difference night and day. Resi 5 felt like controlling an 18 wheel truck with an rc remote. Yet even though Alan wake is infinitely better than resident action 5, it will never sell as well because of the name.

Maybe that's why they killed resident evil in favour of resident action. Because they knew the name would carry it. Look at final fantasy.

All in all I would much rather have had capcom make a different series for their action stuff. So the fans of old resi could still have their survival horror game. Is that so hard to be mad about?

respected nor and agreed. although i like the change, having options for gameplay mechanic's would be ideal.