HappySqurriel said:
Kasz216 said:

1) Anarchists don't count as Left Wing because no government = smaller government.

However generally, Anarchists tend to vote Leftwing and are left leaning as seen by the fact that they are a big part of Occupy Wallstreet or at least were starting off.

While true anarchists would not qualify as being left-wing, most modern "anarchists" in western nations are not really anarchists at all. They are more related to communists ideologically speaking, with an odd mix of beliefs that could be described as "We don't want society to impose rules against other people, except for behaviours I don't agree with" ...

Well i'd base it more on it being "Collective anarchists" more or less.

Who expect that without government somehow people would band together and provide for each other... with the perfect example actually being John Lucas in that other thread.

A large government being second best to a Gift based society. 

While ignroing that gift based socieites won't work on a larger scale.