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Declan said:

I'm not disputing that the 360 is currently selling better - to infer that point from what's been put only raises questions about the literacy of the one inferring. I simply rejected the claim that the UK is "well and truly Xbox" country - this rejection was based on the fact that it still trails one of it's current competitors by around 1 million units despite having been on sale for a year longer and the understanding that for a country to be "well and truly" one thing or another its marketshare would have to be pretty emphatic (perhaps around 50%). This is not the case for the 360 in the UK, even if only the last year or two were considered.

But we're talking about the present .. in the summer months, 360 was getting more than 50% marketshare weekly.

How does saying Wii is ahead in marketshare for the overall gen answer anything in the OP? It doesn't. It's irrelvent.