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Seece said:
goldeneye0065r said:
lol xbox360 will never out sell wiis lifetime world wide sales its too late kid, for it to do so it would need to out sell wii in every country by two to 1 and its not even doing that! and ps3 is not even in contention either

the main reason could be the nintendo wii u launching this year - with less and less wii games being made -- they may be considering making room for that console as for 3ds i dont know maybe their retarded countries can be like that

Who said 360 will outsell the Wii WW, can you not read the title? UK.

My friend, would you like me to find a entire array of facepalm pictures and post them?

I believe the laughable responses to your post deem them necesarry

Simple fact, Wii dominated before, it's fallen from grace, Xbox is dominating now, and will surpass Wii's LTD IN THE UK. <-- Sum-up for anyone that has trouble reading.