LordTheNightKnight said:
"Also, The U-pad's components aren't going to cost, like, a $100 or more like some of you people seem to believe.
It'll be much cheaper to manufacture. About $40 - $60. The console components is going to cost more than $200 to make, not somewhere around $150 - $200."

Where did you get those numbers from? It seems as though you are engaging in your own wild speculation.

More like sensible speculation.

People are just assuming they're expensive because they see how expensive tablets, particularly, ipads are despite their low production costs.

The U-pad  has tech much less advanced that what is in the Ipad. It doesn't even have any CPU and such things because it's the console that does  the   work.

It probably cost around $50 to produce and would retail at around $70/$80 if sold at retail seperately at launch.

The DS has more components than U-pad and Nintendo can sell those at a profit at $99. There isn't really anything in the U-pad that isn't mature, inexpensive tech. That's how Ninendo works after all.

That leaves $250 - 260 for the console assuming they'll take a small loss to begin with as Iwata said they might or a very small profit at launch.

I'm predicting a $300 price tag minimum (Since Iwata said it would be more expensive than what Wii launch at $250) and $350 maximum with the console, a U-pad, Wiimote and maybe a nunchuk too, plus some game demos like Wii had.

The Wii U pad won't add a $100 price to the console bundle.