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What's up guys? I'm just making this here thread so we can discuss (or better known as brag and compare e-peens ) our Skyrim stats and just general discussion on the game.


Anyways I'll start out with my stats. I'm at 107 hours of playtime, level 59 and I'm done with all the achievement quests except for a few quests in the main questline. I have full draedic, dragon armor and 2 pieces of jewelry each with 2 enchantments (+ 122 stamina, + 140% bows and 1 handed and + 122 health). My main 2 weapons are a draedic bow that does 223 normal and 45 fire damage and a draedic mace that does 168 normal and 45 fire damage.

My highest skills are as follows.

Lockpicking (100), Enchanting (100), Pickpocket (100), Smithing (100), Archery (96), Sneak (88), Speech (80), Heavy Armor (79), Alchemy (77) and Destruction (64)



So far my favorite moments in the game have been clearing dungeons. Going through them whether stealthily, or just guns blazing (well figuratively speaking) whilst looting every nook and cranny is for some reason just so fun I guess I'm a closet hoarder

So what about you?