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2. Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)

Super Mario Bros 3 is not only my favourite Mario game, it's also my favourite platform game. After the wrong turn that was SMB2, or Doki Doki Panic as it's otherwise known, Nintendo took everything that was (and is) fantastic about the original game and simply made it better, and like the original, it still holds up spectacularly well today. Of the new additions, there were a few new powerups that added to the experience, and my favourite of those remains the iconic Tanooki Suit. There were numerous memorable moments that make the game great, but the one I always remember the most is when you first discover you can get behind the scenery of the game if you held down on the d-pad. It's something everyone has probably done by now, but it's the little things like that which are always great the first time you do it, and I think Nintendo are the masters at things like that.