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3. Metroid Prime (GC)

Metroid Prime is the Gamecube's only shining light. On a console where most Nintendo games were a let down compared to predecessors, this was the one example where they got it right. Metroid had been away for a while, after completely skipping the N64, but Nintendo finally decided to bring it back for the Gamecube with Retro Studios being given control. It marked a departure from the previous Metroid style with the game making a controversial move into the first person perspective. As it turned out, this was a great decision and it gave the series new life.

At the start of the game, you investigate a Space Pirate Frigate which had sent out a distress signal. The ship is eventually destroyed and an electrical surge destroys all of your suit upgrades. You then set out in pursuit of Ridley to Tallon IV, and the game sees you explore the various areas of the planet. Exploring the planet was a brilliant experience, partly because of the sense of isolation the game provides as you slowly make your way through each area alone, battling a variety of creatures as you go. It's my favourite game of its generation, I just wish that there were more games as good as this from Nintendo at the time.