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4. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Nintendo are more than capable of bettering their previous achievements. They're so good at it, that it rarely comes as a surprise to me any more, but SMG2 most definitely was a surprise. It's the first direct sequel to a 3D Mario game, and for that reason alone, it was something completely unexpected. I also didn't expect them to better the brilliance of the first game so soon after its release, but they made SMG look like the warm up act at a concert (albeit the best damn warm up act you'll ever see), with this being the main attraction. Again, every level was an absolute joy to play, the gameplay was as good as ever, the soundtrack was just as epic as before, but what put it above the original was the reintroduction of Yoshi to the series. That loveable companion gave the game that something a little extra special over the first game. I just can't wait to see where Nintendo go next.