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5. Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

I've heard people say that DKC saved the SNES, that it marked the turning point in the race with Sega's Mega Drive/Genesis. I've no idea if that's really true, but it's a nice little soundbite to wheel out. That's not why it makes it into my top 5 though, it makes it because it's one of the finest and most frustratingly brilliant games ever created. There are moments where you will get stuck on a particular level, and you fail at the same point a few times again, and again. In other games, that would be incredibly rage inducing, but it was never like that with Donkey Kong. There was always that 'just one more go, you can do this' mentality, and that's a crucial difference between an average game and a great game. There have been a fair few Rare games in my list, but this right here is Rare's finest hour.