24. Zelda: OoT 3D - 3DS (New, but the original was 16 last year):

I'm sure many will be shocked by me putting what is often called the best game of all time about half way on my list.  Don't get me wrong, this game is fantastic and I love it, but other games in the series easily surpass it IMO.  The 3DS version is the best way to play the game and opened the game for a whole new generation to experience.


23. Tales of Symphonia - GC (17 last year):

Easily one the best RPGs ever produced in my opinion.  PAL copies of this game are quite rare and therefore expensive, but I found a fairly cheap copy in 2009 and couldn't put the game down for the next couple of months.  This game has great story, fantastic characters, a very good soundtrack and an amazing battle system.  I've been meaning to play the sequel ever since, but have never got round to it.


22. Pokemon Black/White - DS (New):

I think this is the best set of Pokemon RPGs.  Being released about a month before the 3DS hit, it in many ways acted as a swansong for easily one of the best platforms of all time.  I loved the new features and pokemon introduced in the 5th generation of Pokemon RPGs and really hope that the 6th continue in the same direction.