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#7 Okami played on PS2, released 2006

Okami outdid Zelda for me in every way. The artstyle is amazing and never disappoints. It keeps surprising you with its beauty to the very end. The cleansing the land effect is simply amazing.

Not only does it have an amazing artstyle, it also has great story and gameplay to back it up. It's hard to believe a lot of people dismissed it when it came out because of it's lenghty wordy start. 15 minutes to setup the world and story isn't much in a game of this scope. The first time I thought I was at the end of the game after an epic boss fight, it turned out I was only 1 third of the way. Best surprise ever.

The celestial brush offers great gameplay both during fights and while exploring. Quests are all fun with lots of variety including crazy things like going inside the body of the emperor. Sidequests are well done too, and the 2D digging mini game was an instant hit.
Characters are all memorable with plenty of humor along the way. The star, Amaterasu, is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. What an amazing adventure.

This is definitely a game I took my time with, letting it all soak in. This game is on the top of my wanted list for HD remakes.