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#9 Zelda, The wind waker played on GC, released 2002

My favorite Zelda game. This is how I like zelda best, colorful and cheerful with lots on endearing characters. I'm not really into the darker serious side of zelda games, hence twilight princess did not make my top 50.
I immediately fell in love with the artstyle of Windwaker with its timeless beauty. It's a shame the low resolution of the gc doesn't do it justice on todays lcd screens. It's amazing how much emotion Nintendo can put into the characters with just a few simple expressions. Windwaker comes closest for me to being inside an actual cartoon world. The lighting inside Dragon roost canon illustrates it the best.

The dungeons are great as always but the part I really liked was setting out on the ocean and exploring all the little islands. As soon as I could I set out to chart my own map and check out all the things I could find in the ocean. A very relaxing and rewarding experience.

My favourite boss fight was against the plant like creature in the forbidden woods. The one I had the most difficulty with was the ancient guardian of the tower of the gods. But that was because I hadn't bothered to read the manual and didn't know you could lock on to targets. Trying to shoot the hands without that was very frustrating. I learned my lesson.

A great game I would love to play again some time in HD.