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rutea7 said:
Onibaka said:
rutea7 said:
HokageTenshi said:

still looking for video showing how to switch different account on a Vita...
anyone found it...?

there wont be multiple accounts on Vita

Yes. That alone almost kills Vita for me.

I will have to buy the same game twice....One time for me, and another time for my brother.

And buying Physical copies is expensive for me(I live in Latin America) and We don't have confirmation if there will be backwards compatibility on PSP 3 for physical copies.

well it doesnt even make sense sharing a portable. from my point of view either of you should be resposible for their own gaming and you can always share phisical copies of games.

the backward compatibility has been adressed already, you'll have to pay a small amount to get a digital copy of the game you own in UMD.
not an issue for me. from now on i'll buy digital and i plan on keeping my psp anyway for my UMDs.

this 1 has brains. don't let the zobies get you lol.