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10. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PC)

It's tricky to decide which was the best PES, because any between 2-6 could have been chosen, but I think this one just about edges it. It's gameplay was (and in my eyes still is) second to none, but as usual it was the Master League that made the game something special (and it's something that Konami's rivals have tried and failed to replicate). For those who don't know, you can either pick a team of fictional players or pick a real life team and try to lead them to glory, I would usually opt for a real life team, but it would always be a lesser team rather than picking a team of superstars. You'd start off in the second division and try to win your way to the top. A little added bonus was that you could customise divisions, so I always packed the first division with the best teams in the world to increase the challenge. Then I added my own personal challenge of not spending a penny in transfer fees, thus all signings would be free transfers. This effectively meant I'd be on the lookout for promising young players to pick up for free to mould into superstars, and after 5-10 seasons the payoff for this strategy was always worthwhile. There were other modes as well, but I rarely touched them. Why would I need to when the Master League was so great?