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12. Epic Mickey

It's possible this may not be a popular choice this far into my list, but I don't care. Epic Mickey is a flawed game, and it's important to make that distinction straight away. The camera was less than perfect, but it was manageable with patience, and then you had the repetitive 2D sections that you had to play through to move between each area of the game, so any moment where you had to go back and forth and play that same 2D section over and over again was a little tiring. But despite all that, I love this game. I loved exploring the various areas, and I actually felt for each of the characters as you see what damage Mickey's actions had done to their homes, and I loved the use of paint to create/restore or thinner to destroy, which gave the game something different from other similar games before it. There's been rumours of a sequel, and if that does go ahead and they can iron out some of the flaws, then we could be looking at a truly fantastic experience.