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#12 Syberia played on PC, released 2002

One of the best adventure games. Syberia features an engrossing well written story of discovery. There is a great sense of wonder all through out the game. The artstyle and architecture are amazing. Characters are all well realized with great voice acting. Your automaton companion Oscar is a great travelling companion. Benoit Sokal manages to bring him to live as well as Pixar can.
All the locations are fun to explore. The only disappointmemt comes when the game is over, you don't want it to end.
Syberia 2 is good too, although some of the initial sense of wonder is gone and it is over again far too soon.
Hopefully Syberia 3 will still see the light of day. It was planned for pc and ps3 in june 2010 with some interesting cross format cooperative play but now it's not even sure if its still coming to pc alone.