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hackles said:
cyberninja45 said:
hackles said:
cyberninja45 said:
hackles said:
cyberninja45 said:

add these in your OP

VG community Code: 40-0162-1049-9121

List of 3ds friends codes on VGchartz:

1. Whats a VGC community cod

2. Add all those people?


Its the  only A Mario Kart Community Code from VGchartz.

Thats the 3ds Community thread for people to exchange friend codes. Instead of filling this thread with friend codes, just put it there and tell smeags to add yourself in the OP.

I think it's fine the way it is. I prefer the way the MKWii tournament is. It's less complicated. Thanks anyways. :)

No its way better. You actually win Community Cups and there are 4 races per cup grand prix style. You can also see who has the most community points/ leading the community. You should really add it in the OP.

Really? I had no idea. So what is it I have to do exactly. I'm afraid I'm not getting this. Sorry :(

Just add the community code in your mariokart. And tell everyone to add it to theirs to. When tournament time comes hit join community(you would create a room if there are no other rooms in progress)  and wait for others to join. More than one room can be created at the same time so I don't know how this would work with the tournaments. Also, if you want, you can create new VG communities with different rules,( no or few items usable, CC etc).

One thing though I think this codes should be hidden from lurkers somehow.

My 3ds friendcode: 5413-0232-9676 (G-cyber)