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Following my uncle's Mario Kart Wii League I want to make my tournament hosting debut by doing one about Mario Kart 7.

The tournament will be held on Friday and saturdays at 8pm GMT. My Co-host is RainbowYoshi who will also by tracking the scores and Cyberninja45 who will be hosting if I am not present.

My 3DS FC is: 3566-1798-1681

VGC MK7 Tourney Code: 02-9463-4835-2551

There will be 3 GP's every Friday and Saturday.

The GP's are 150cc.

All good games must have rules to keep races fun and fair so here are the rules for the tornament:

  1. Any character and Kart allowed.
  2. You can vote for a course but once it has been chosen, please don't vote for it again.
  3. No cheating or glitching any tracks. If caught you will be banned from the league!
  4. All items allowed.
  5. VGC members only, (VGC members can invite people who are not on VGC)

Also, I will explain how the points work:

I will explain how the points work:

  • If you come first, you will get the amount of points there are players. E.g: 4 players = 4 points.
  • If you come second you will get the amount of points there are players minus one. E.g: 5 players = 4 points.
  • The points pretty much continue until you become last in which you will get 1 point.
  • Points do not restart every month unlike the community table.
  • At the end of the year we will have an overall winner and they will become VGChartz's Mario Kart player of the year! 

 There isn't much more really to say but HAPPY RACING!

VGChartz Mario Kart 7 2012 Tournament Table

  VGChartz Username  Mii Name  3DS Friend Code GP's Played Points
1. TheKingOfRedLions Travis 0989-1743-6325 15 49
2. ASStronaut ASStronaut 5155-3104-9767 09 18
3. cyberninja45 G-cyver45 5413-0232-9676 08 21
4. Hackles Yusuf 3566-1798-1681 12 24
5. IamAwesome Jamal 2363-5836-9171 03 3
6. Soma Moi 3480-2746-6289 03 4
7. ??? Cody ??? 03 7