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#22 Wipeout HD played on PS3, released 2008

A great game to get in a trance like state and rely purely on muscle memory to do perfect lap after perfect lap. I have to admit I never liked the weapon aspect of wipeout and as in all wipeout games I completed the wipeout HD campaign without firing a single weapon. Time trial, speed lap and the hypnotic zone mode is where it's at for me.

The best way to play this game is in first person with the view tilting sideways in the corners.  The crisp 1080p60 visuals look amazing while playing it on a 92" screen. Most games can't hide all the shortcuts they make blown up to that size, yet wipeout HD looks solid all the way through with great lighting as well.

It's not the perfect wipeout yet though. The tracks, although beautiful to behold, can't hide that they were originally conceived on the psp. And unfortunately the expansion focussed too much on combat for me. Also although the music is good, I still prefer the soundtrack of 2097.

Not that all that matters much. The game is comfortably sitting on the hhd to be booted up now and then for a few speed laps or some zone mode goodness. With almost instant race restarts it is the most enjoyable game for a few quick plays now and then.

Hopefully we'll see a wipeout game purely designed for console again featuring tracks with crazy jumps and incredible view distance. Or port 2097's tracks over to HD for an expansion.