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#23 Burnout played on PS2, released 2001

The start of a great series. I still play the first one now and then. It is by far the most challenging in the series which made it all the better. The roads are more narrow, there is more traffic on the road and even the slightest touch will make your driver slam on the brakes and take out the insurance papers. Yet all that makes weaving in and out of traffic that much more exhilarating. This game comes the closest for me to the great car chases in movies like Ronin.
Building up the boost bar takes effort too and crashing will cost you a hefty chunk. Finally getting a full bar and completing a succesful boost feels all that more rewarding.
My favorite 'car' was the city bus in Rush hour reverse. Getting that huge bus up to full speed then stringing succesful boost after boost while dodging the busy traffic while going in the wrong direction on the freeway is awesome. And when you do hit a car head-on the results are always spectacular.
And don't forget the great split-screen racing, many hours of fun.