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Seece said:
ethomaz said:
Seece said:
ethomaz said:

this time some numbers begin to appear... MS's twitter???

Edit - I'm in Daylight Saving Time... so 1 hour to go .

huh? no, nowhere near yet. Earliest is about 10pm UK which is 3 hours away, last time it was past 11pm though.

Hummmm... there are times the Aaron's twitter out some info about 360 at 17:00 in Brazil... so I thought it was time .


Edit - I found the twitter:!/aarongreenberg

Never do I remember it being this early. I'll update the title when new info comes out anyway.

In October he did a twitter at 6:30PM for me... 8:30PM for you I guess.

Edit - I have to the gym now .