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#26 Final fantasy 7 played on Playstation, released 1997

Not a very original choice but like so many it was my first introduction into the jrpg genre. And for that it was a great first game to play. It had me instantly hooked on the series. Final fantasy 8 and 9 were just as good. Final fantasy was at its best on psx.
Final fantasy 7 wasn't perfect, for example the unskippable animations during the fights started to get very annoying towards the end. The story, pacing, beautiful music and backdrops by far made up for it though. The world is huge with a lot of unique completely different towns to explore. Something that wrpgs never seem to get right.
All in all a great game from a time you were still looking forward to the next amazing cut scene instead of getting bored by the lack lustre in-game cutscenes of todays games.
Will we ever see a HD remake? Probably not, the game is huge to begin with and any sort of alteration is never going to please everyone and it probably won't live up to nostalgia anyway.