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#28 Metal gear solid played on Playstation, released 1998

A great game with great variety in gameplay. I love how it literally thinks outside of the box in some of the fights. There are lots of memorable moments in this game. Right from the start you are dropped into an awesome stealth section. It had some great touches like seeing your breath in the cold, and guards picking up on your footsteps in the snow. Every section has something new, you don't have to be afraid of the game becoming repetitive.
The sound was good too, but not as good as in the second one. MGS 2 Sons of liberty stands out for me in the surround sound design of the first stage on the tanker. Surround sound was still relatively new and MGS2 nailed it, it really felt like you were there.
Snake eater and Guns of the patriots are great games too. The first (3d) one was the most innovative though and holds the best memories for me.
Oh and then there are the boss fights, equally awesome in all the games.