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I think the announcement of the people involved with the music shows that there is collaboration from Sega and SquareEnix (that's what I can take from it all). Which means I'm assuming that some BIG NAME characters from past Square and Sega games will make the cut... it would seem weird just having Snake I think... there are HUGE possibilities from many different games... [speculation] Why do they need music composers from the following games UNLESS these composers are re-mixing the original scores for this game for the main characters from some of their games? GAMEARTS / GRANDIA / SYLPHEED - Grandia characters in SSBB??? Sounds weird, I don't know Sylpheed unfortunately NiGHTS - Why? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NiGHTS be in the game!!! I think this probably means Sonic as well, infact I'm deadly certain he will be in it. Monster Hunter / Devil May Cry - Dante in the game? killer7 GOD HAND - Viewtiful Joe? [/speculation] CBF don't any more, but my god that sounds amazing (pun intended)... I think I'm so damn excited about this game that I simply cannot wait!!! DAMN PAL RELEASES!!!