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coolbeans said:
You have a point for most hip-hop/rap of the 2000's+. I'd say most great songs of today require you to dive into "the indie scene", which wasn't like that in past generations.

I suppose you guys are right.  The mainstream scene is just terrible now and perhaps I have to dive deeper to find someone new that I would enjoy.  I live in Austin, TX so if I do listen to radio stations I usually listen to 93.7 (classic rock) and 101.5 (classic/alternative music).  Most of the new rock songs they play on 101.5 makes me want to immediately change it to 93.7.  This from a rock station this is independently run and supposed to play rock even the indie scene.  Austin is a pretty big center for music right now so I just assumed the rock 101X plays was the best the mainstream/indie scene had to offer.  I'd have to say rock has taken just a big of a hit in quality as rap has.