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sethnintendo said:

While there are a few songs that are decent made the past decade, I have yet to be impressed by any new band, old band, or song since about the 90s.  Perhaps, I am just getting too old but I feel that music has gone way down hill since the 90s.  Most rap/hip hop sucks when compared to 80s/90s.  Almost all rock completely sucks now a days compared to the previous decades.  I can enjoy a ton of songs from the 50s,60s,70s,80s (I suppose when in comparison to 2000+), and 90s.   I think the entire auto-tune bullshit has ruined a lot of music.  You used to have to be able sing now you just need a hot body and a semi decent voice.  They will be able to fix everything up in the studio.  Singers from the previous decades actually had to be able to sing.  I suppose I am just getting old but I'd have to say most recent music sucks "hardcore".

PS.. The Righteous Brothers can out sing anyone.

It's just that a majority of the stuff you hear in mainstream music sucks. I think it's because it's mainly targeted to teens/young adults so they can make money.