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While there are a few songs that are decent made the past decade, I have yet to be impressed by any new band, old band, or song since about the 90s.  Perhaps, I am just getting too old but I feel that music has gone way down hill since the 90s.  Most rap/hip hop sucks when compared to 80s/90s.  Almost all rock completely sucks now a days compared to the previous decades.  I can enjoy a ton of songs from the 50s,60s,70s,80s (I suppose when in comparison to 2000+), and 90s.   I think the entire auto-tune bullshit has ruined a lot of music.  You used to have to be able sing now you just need a hot body and a semi decent voice.  They will be able to fix everything up in the studio.  Singers from the previous decades actually had to be able to sing.  I suppose I am just getting old but I'd have to say most recent music sucks "hardcore".  Please list some suggestions (mainly interested in rock and alternative) to help me change my mind.

PS.. The Righteous Brothers can out sing anyone.



This thread is to help expand people's knowledge of current music (considering I previously gave up on new music).  I hope everyone noticed the word most in the title.  I am not saying all but a majority in my opinion.  I plan on listening to most if not all of the suggestions (as long as it isn't 2000+ pop), and I hope the conversation stays decent even though everyone has a different taste in music.  I'll try to refrain from using the word suck from now on.


Some songs that I have found from 2000+ that sound decent to me.