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#30 Little big planet played on PS3, released 2008

Great times playing Little big planet with 2 to 4 players co-op on the couch. Some of the multiplayer challenges kept us busy for over an hour due to a comedy array of errors. It's been a while since I laughed that hard playing a game. Who ever thought to add the ability to slap other players deserves a medal.

The later story levels were breathtaking to look at with almost everything on screen rythmically moving back and forth. A feat that was not matched in LBP2 imo. The music is phenominal too. An all out fun game to play together.

And that's all before you delve into the millions of user created levels. Granted 90% of them are complete garbage, another 9% bad to average, but the 1% that's left over has some incredible creative and rewarding gameplay next to amazing artstyles.
It's a shame that the rating system was completely broken. Though once you find a couple of good creators you can follow their favorite lists to get to the good stuff.

After getting to grips with the editor and making some test planets I spend over a month creating my own puzzle oriented level. It's quite amazing what you can do with a couple of springs and sensors. It got great feedback although also criticized for it being too difficult and was quickly buried under hundreds of new levels each day. I streamlined it a bit when the dynamic lighting update came out and added a hint on request system, but will not compromise on the difficulty. It's called Temple of the prism if anyone wants to check it out.

Awesome game and I'll be firing up the sequel again soon to see what people have come up with since spring. Any tips where to find great levels?