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Rainbow Yoshi said:
Last_Dream said:
Sh1nn said:

1UP - B-/A+

IGN - 9/10

Destructoid - 5/10

I think destructoid is too harsh to give this game a 5. I know this game doesn't innovate from its safety zone, but at least it is the only kart game on this system ,at least for now. But that's their opinion, so well.... 

There's a lot of outlier reviewers when it comes to games, with Uncharted 3 AV Club gave it 5/10 whilst most gave it over 8/10. 

Honestly, I disagree too with Uncharted 3 get 5/10. When I see the score 5/10 or less, I think of unpolished game and full of critical bug. I don't think Uncharted 3 or Mario Kart 7 is that kind of game..... 

routsounmanman said:
Destructoid reviewer's reasoning was that it lacked innovation and it was more of the same, whilst Modern Warfare 3 did more of the same but did it well, so it didn't matter, gaining a generous 9. Double standards for the win... >_>

^ This thing makes me question Destructoid review even more....