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#32 Dungeon Keeper played on PC, released 1997

This is what I like to remember Peter Molyneux by, at his best pre B&W. A very inventive and humorous real time strategy game with amazing atmosphere. The gameplay is actually not far of this gens Viva Pinata for the building part of the game. You construct rooms, monsters arrive, some can live together, others will fight eachother.
Figuring out how to get which creatures and get them to co-exist together is a big part of the game and tons of fun. The other part is destroying the heros that come to brave your dungeon and wipe out the competing dungeon keepers. Next to directing imps to dig tunnels and placing equipment you can pick up your creatures and move them arround or slap them to work harder. All the while listening to the sounds of screams, whips, pickaxes and more emanating from your dungeon.
Dungeon keeper 2 was just as addictive with boosted 3D graphics, both were a great joy to play.