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33. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES)

A Mario game where Mario isn't the star, in fact, he's quite annoying. Instead it's Yoshi's time to shine as the various types of Yoshi are tasked with reuniting Baby Mario with Baby Luigi and taking them back to the stork who will deliver them to their parents. Every time Yoshi gets hit by an enemy, Baby Mario falls off his back and starts crying until you pick him up again, but despite that annoyance, it's a refreshing take on the traditional 2D Mario experience. Gone are most of the powerups, instead you occasionally get the opportunity to have Yoshi transform into a car or a helicopter, or have Baby Mario run up walls while invincible. So whilst it's obviously different to what had come before it, it's a fantastic game more than worthy of a place in my list.