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#36 Colin McRae Rally 3 played on PS2, released 2004

Colin McRae used to be my favorite rally franchise until it was transformed into Dirt. All of the psx and ps2 games were great but the first one on ps2 is my most memorable one. The graphics obviously made a big leap which made a big impact on the immersion level of the game.
The feel of the cars was great, digging into the dirt in corners, or grabbing the slight ditch on the inside to get that extra grip to get through the corner fast. It was truly racing at the edge of your seat, just you and the car, drifting through corners, nearly missing rocks on the inside and sticking the back end through the bushes on the outside. Sometimes you screw up but with quick reflexes manage to miss all the trees and swerve back on the road with only a little time lost.
8 different locales provided plenty of variety in racing surfaces and conditions. Snow, rain, gravel, dirt and asphalt roads, each provided their own set of challenges. The tracks were all well laid out with plenty of memorable things along the way to make it easier to learn the tracks. Not that that was neccesary since the pace notes were excellent. "After 600 over crest, into left 5, don't cut rocks inside, tightens, into left 3"
Finland was my favorite country to race in with beautiful forests and some wide open spaces along lakes in between.
I miss proper rally games, you, a co-driver, a car, and a narrow unpredictable track in lots of hugely different environments, that's what I want out of a rally game.