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41. Donkey Kong Country Returns

The original DKC games were responsible for some of my best memories of the SNES, so after 14 long years without any new entry in the series, I was delighted when Nintendo decided to bring the series back, and thankfully they brought it back in style. DKCR is as brilliant and yet also as frustrating as the originals were, where you rack up extra lives early on and then see them dwindle when you hit a minecart level that requires incredibly precise timing, but those levels never reach rage inducing frustration. It's also an incredibly beautiful game, with the silhouette levels being amongst the standouts. The only letdown is that occasionally a movement of the Wii remote may be misintepreted as an attempt to roll, and you'll see yourself roll off a platform to your death, but thankfully that's a fairly rare occurence in an otherwise fantastic experience.