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morenoingrato said:
Honestly, I think Nintendo got lazy with the cast.
Where the hell are:

Baby Mario?
Baby Luigi?
Baby Peach?
Baby Daisy?
Dry Bones?
Diddy Kong?
Bowser Jr.?
King Boo?
Funky Kong?
Dry Bowser?

Basically, half of MKWii's cast is missing, and instead of at least bringing back Petey Pirantha of Paratroopa from DD they bring us:

Metal Mario? WTF? Lazy.
Queen Bee? Boo!
Wiggler? Okay, that is cool.
Shy Guy? No ONE will ever use him.
Lakitu? Okay, kinda cool.

I'll still get it, but the cast has really turned me off.
You may say MKDS had few characters and was still a great game, but guess what? Times have changed, and we are 6 years past MKDS's launch.

At the end of the day it more depends upon the weight class of the characters retained versus the weight class of the characters dropped. Do we know enough to definitively say if one character will be more useful or not?

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.