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42. Half Life 2 (As part of The Orange Box on PS3)

I came very late to this game, as it was first released in 2004 on PC but I didn't play it for the first time until August of this year, when I picked up The Orange Box for £10. Perhaps, if I'd played it before then, this game would have been much higher in my list, because aspects of the game that probably seemed fresh at the time seem fairly standard today. That doesn't lessen the experience though, because it's still a fantastic game in its own right. In fact with modern games becoming increasingly cinematic, it was refreshing to play a game like this that didn't really rely on cutscenes to tell its story.

The game obviously has a variety of weapons, but the Gravity Gun stands out above the others, be it in the early part of the game where you try to kill numerous zombies all at once with a well aimed saw blade, or later when it becomes supercharged and you can lift Combine soldiers into the air and fling them at other enemies.