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if that shit is amazing to you then the PS3 must be blowing your mind- oh wait never mind

Why should it? in 2008 (year of last 360 price cut, the 360 shipped just over 10 mill, the following year it shipped just over 10 mill. Then in 2010, 2 years after its price cut, it shipped just over 12 mill, and this year, 3 years since its price cut, it's going to ship over 13 mill.

The PS3 is doing great numbers but if you compare them? The PS3 is up over 2008 but it's had $150 cut off its price since.


$150 dollars off of $400

and being cheaper than the 360 for a total of 3 months this entire gen, and before that costing $100 more than the cheapest 360 this entire gen excluding 06-07...where it was $200 dollars more

and you and I both know PS3 shipments so I won't bother

Good, you don't listen to rhyme or reason, yo_john was right about you, what a volatile poster you are.