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Jay520 said:
mantlepiecek said:

The service offered to you during online gaming is entirely by your ISP, not MS. Its a fact that you are ignoring since a long time in this thread. Other services they offer like achievement etc they offer it for free. Cross game chat is also very less taxing on MS when it comes to servers etc.

So yes, its not a service offered by MS. MS doesn't have anything to do with your online play except for exclusives.

Just wanted to say XBL is definitely a service. It's the entity that connects Xbox consoles around the world & provides consumers with pretty cool features. Should it be free? That's up for debate.

Indeed, as a business decision it's sound to charge, as a consumer (well I'm not really bothered) but I can totally see how many don't like it or agree with it.

But yeah, it is a service, I'm pretty much done arguing with this guy though, if Sony had any sense about them they would charge next gen, because they can, and they need the money. Common sense.