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KillerMan said:
Reasonable said:
pezus said:
D-Joe said:
Shinobi-san said:
Now that i checked the region numbers i see 360 had a massive increase in EMEAA, while ps3 had a very minor increase...

well it dropped last week

and 40~50k gap not really close,and should be 100k+ again later

Considering it was 100k last week I think it's pretty close. As far as I know there wasn't a special edition 360 this week in EMEAA, or was there?

There was.  MW3 bundle in all main European countries I believe.  As I noted in a few of the prediction threads while MS is clearly looking to avoid an official RRP price drop they're going to use bundles and deals to effectively aggresively reduce the price to the consumer or appeal to the CoD fanbase to drive their holiday spike.

Not there's anything wrong with that, PS3 will have deals, etc. too - but I always feel MS does a better job of judging which bundles/deals to drive maximum return in the countries 360 is popular in and sees a bigger return.

That said with a SW title over 100K in Japan and huge MW3 numbers for PS3 in EMEAA matching those of 360 I'm a little surprised the PS3 saw no real boost in those territories.  The 360 numbers make sense, and given the lack of MW3 bundles for PS3 I didn't expect it to match 360 boost wise anywhere, but it does seem to have seen particularly weak boosts nonetheless.

Still - I can't complain, things are heading to the virtual (and sure to be entertaining) tie for HW for the year with 360 sure to do more over the holidays.  The forums are going to be interesting place for the next few weeks.

I really wouldn't go that far yet. This was after all the launch week of MW3 that pushed the HW sales astronomically high for X360. Next week there is gonna be a drop and after that it gets interesting. Overall nice to see huge HW numbers again. 3DS is probably going to win holiday sales. Two mario games will give it nice boost in west and in Japan it's really going to explode in December.

I think Reasonable is right. 360 will surely do more over the holidays, i think most people on here knows that. The only debatable issue is by how much more. 360 has amazing momentum in the americas at the moment, ps3 has japan and emeaa. The main difference is the buying power of the US market over the holiday periods which is more than that of emeaa, and japan becomes negligible over the holidays, except for the launch week of FF13-2.

Its not also about how well the systems do in their respective strong regions but how badly they do in their week regions. I think ps3 is weaker in the US than the 360 is in emeaa. I mean ps3 only recently took over the 360 in that region in LTD sales. Whereas the 360 has a big lead over ps3 and that lead is growing fast.

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