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#43 Prince of persia: The sands of time played on Gamecube, released 2003

This is the most memorable and fun to play Prince of Persia game to me. A great blend of exploration and environmental puzzles get you climbing up to dizzying heights. It still features the best use of a rewind feature which partly inspired the excellent puzzle platformer Braid. The locales were all breathtakingly beautiful, the character animation top notch, and it all tied together with a lovely musical score.
Only the combat lagged behind the other elements, but that was never the essence of prince of persia anyway. Too bad that the following games only focussed more on the combat instead of less.
The 2008 prince of persia focussed more on the acrobatics again with great flow while moving around the levels. It featured beautiful dreamy visuals as well, however the less lineair nature of that game made it loose some of it's magic and turned it more into a simple set of fetch quests.