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44. Mario Kart Wii

Without bothering to check on the Nintendo Channel, I'd imagine this is my most played Wii game, but it isn't my favourite Wii game. It is my second favourite Mario Kart though (you'll obviously discover my favourite further into the list). So if it's my most played Wii game and second favourite MK game, why is it only in the mid 40s? The answer is simple, I hated the bikes. I played through the all bike Grand Prix mode once and haven't been back since. But even though I'm essentially ignoring the existence of that mode, there's more than enough content in the game to make it into my list. For starters, I've never been a big fan of online multiplayer and I purposely ignore it in most games, but for a period, I played nothing other than this games online mode. That's a testament to how much I love Mario Kart.