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RolStoppable said:
Smeags said:

I would have never thought that about you Rol, glad to see that PoR made the two of us fans.

And yes, I love the character of Ilyana more than her absurd strength growth.

Her post-game narrative still makes me smile: Somewhere out there, Ilyana is still hungry.

The one point I disagree with when it comes to PoR is that it's a difficult game. This only holds true for Fire Emblem newbies, but once you got the hang of it, it's really no problem at all. Why? Because the Western version of PoR got simplified. Japan's hard mode got scratched and an easy mode that nets you 50 % more experience points got added. If Nintendo ever decides to re-release the PoR and RD combo, I hope that they will give us PoR's hard mode.

That's if Nintendo ever decides to release another Fire Emblem again outside of Japan... (here's hoping for the 3DS game!)

Also, i was aware that you could unlock all the Super Mario Kart tracks on Super Circuit, and i did just that, but Super Mario Kart and Super Circuit were just too foreign to me...

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