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Korppi said:

#47) Lylat Wars (N64/VC)


And I mean Lylat Wars. Not Star Fox 64. Why is it such a big deal, you ask? Because in Lylat Wars you can toggle off that ear-piercing voice acting, that's why! The alternative is admittedly not much better, but it beats listening to Slippy.

Anyhow, Lylat Wars is a quality arcade-style rail shooter. If it wasn't so damn easy, the game could be a lot higher. (that out-of-place seabed tour didn't help much either)

What are you talking about? The voice acting is one of the best part of Star Fox 64. Yes Slippy is annoying but you get gems from Peppy like the very popular "Do a Barrel Roll" or "Use the boost to get through" or Star Wolf's "Can't let you do that Star Fox"

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