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#47. Max Payne (PS2)

Gritty, moody, dark, that's what Max Payne is about. The story begins with Max's wive and kid being murdered (told ya!) , it is told through graphic novels panels and voice over as you play. You immediately get pulled in that world of drug addicts, corruption and vengence. So much in fact, that for a few weeks my brother and I kept narrating our lives Max Payne style ("He opened the fridge and took out a carton of milk that was older both of us" , you get the idea).

There was more than a good story in Max Payne, there was also some incredible gamplay to be found. The game's bullet-time feature allowed you to slow time for a little while and shoot bad guys while jumping to the side like in a Matrix movie. You also got to beat up drug addicts, that's always fun. The game is not perfect, the allucination levels where you walk in a dark room, hearing your baby cry and where you fall down every three steps you take are beyond frustrating but there's not much of those and then it's back to killing bad guys and drugs addicts!!!

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